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Our Dogs For Adoption

The dogs on this page are all waiting for their perfect forever homes. Our dogs are supported by SRS which may include vets fees, boarding, food and preparation for travel. ​If you would like to offer one of our dogs a home then please fill out the pre-adoption application form. All potential owners have a home check and an adoption fee will apply. For more details see our page on adopting.

If you want to know how to help us rescue a dog then please contact us.

Spotlight on...

It is not uncommon for some dogs to be overlooked for adoption through absolutely no fault of their own. This part of the website looks to ‘shine the spotlight’ on some of these doggies, to tell their tales (tails!) and let you get to know them a little better.  You might ask why these doggos may be overlooked - often this may be because they have had to come back to Doggy Central (DC) for one reason or another. In the vast majority of cases, this is a result of factors relating to adopters, rather than anything to do with the dog itself. Of course we can never divulge any information relating to this (to respect the privacy of those involved), but it may lead to the wrong assumption that the reason is due to the dog in question, which is not the case at all! Sometimes dogs can be overlooked because they have physical/health considerations (which may or may not have any day-to-day impact) or simply because they miss the magic window of interest after arriving at DC. When a doggy has to be returned, it is very sad for all involved and can cause a huge impact of the the dog itself. Imagine thinking you finally have your forever home and loving family, only for this to be taken from you for reasons entirely out with your control. Understandably it can leave that dog feeling very confused and upset…and so it is our mission to find the perfect home for all our wonderful doggies who have found themselves in such a situation! Our founder says it best: “It is always the dogs that wait the longest that get the best homes”.


Ollie​ is just the friendliest doggo you could ever hope to meet! He is a total snuggle bug and gets on brilliantly with dogs of all ages. We call him the "Puppy Godfather", as he is first to greet new arrivals to the rescue and help them settle in and become new friends. Ollie is house, crate and lead-trained and just so ready to have a family to call his own!

Ollie is fantastic with other dogs off the lead. He is quite a submissive dog though, so when he is on the lead around other dogs he can become fearful which translates into some lead reactivity. Ollie has worked on this previously, with good progress, but would need a family who are willing to work on this with him.


Ollie came to us as rescue back up after passing between several fosters at a young age, and we wanted him to have some stability in his life. As he has been to-and-fro quite a bit in his short life, we want to make sure the next home he goes to is his forever home! We would therefore like him to have several meet-and-greets before going home and so potential adopters should ideally be based within travelling distance of our rescue in Ayr.


Ollie is truly the biggest sweetheart you could hope to meet and will make the most loving and loyal companion ever. You can see the rest of this sweet boy's profile HERE.

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